Day 35- July 19, 2017

10am-12 pm Conducted general market research Checked the progress of our stock fuse account Worked with Taylor to cover expectations about upcoming projects 12pm-1:30 pm Working lunch break with Taylor to receive suggestions on the retirement distribution strategy presentation Reviewed different graphs of various stocks and what to look for in prime value investment opportunities … Continue reading Day 35- July 19, 2017


Day 34- July 18, 2017

10am-4pm: Conducted general market research Read Bloomberg and Baaron's magazines/newspapers Worked on the retirement portfolio presentation Looked at new research regarding profitabiltiy of high frequency trading

Day 30 and 31- July 5 and 6, 2017

July 5 10 am-11am Received an article from Taylor about tax advantage investing strategies and are planning to create a whiteboard video explaining the strategies. 11am-2:30 pm Continued researching our followed companies for new developments. Began to read and understand the tax advantage article. 2:30pm-4pm Worked with Taylor to break down the article and understand … Continue reading Day 30 and 31- July 5 and 6, 2017

Day 29- June 28th, 2017

10am-11am Conducted general market research Checked the status of the Stockfuse portfolio 11am-4pm Began to research high frequency trading through microwave radio waves Continued research on Snapchat, a potential investment for the portfolio. Found information from viable sources about both topics listed above. Links to articles are below. ¬†More links found under "Readings" tab. Snapchat:¬† … Continue reading Day 29- June 28th, 2017